Why Upgrade?

Ionic 4.0’s foundation in Web Components makes it possible for developers and teams to build digital experiences for any platform or device, no matter the tooling or front-end technologies involved. More than that, Ionic 4.0 gives you:

Design & Development Flexibility

A customizable component library that works across teams and projects as well as shareable across any type of application, including iOS, Android, desktop (Electron), PWAs, and more.

Stunning Performance

The shift to Web Components means that Ionic apps now load faster and work better in low-bandwidth environments. Paired with our smart defaults to improve load times, Ionic 4.0 has earned a 100/100 Google Lighthouse score for app speed & performance.

Agility & Talent Retention

Due to the flexibility of open web standards, Ionic gives both individual developers and teams the freedom to build with the current, and emerging, tools and tech they love including Angular, React, and Vue; insulating enterprises from “framework churn” and making it easier to retain developer talent.

Get the assistance and expertise you need from our world-class support team to migrate from your current version to Ionic Framework 4.0.

Migration Assistance

  • Architectural review and readiness check
  • End-to-end migration plan and risk reduction strategy
  • Best practices for version 4.0, plus code and architecture reviews
  • Post-migration review and assessment

Personalized Team Training

  • Instruction on Ionic Framework 4.0’s new features and capabilities
  • Real-world example migration walkthrough with an Ionic expert
  • Learn how to add PWA capabilities to your existing hybrid app

Dedicated Migration Expert

  • Dedicated Slack channel access for questions and issues
  • Prioritized Zendesk ticketing
  • Direct access to premium Ionic resources
  • Designated technical account manager

Ready to kickstart your development with Ionic Framework 4.0?